Ryan Regehr, Media Producer, Whistler BC


Ryan Regehr was born and raised in Langley BC Canada.  He attended Langley Fine Arts School in Fort Langley where is studied Theatre.  After graduating high school he moved to Whistler BC to live the “Ski Bum” dream.  After a season he moved back to Vancouver to become a “grown up” and became a electrical apprentice.  After a year in the trades Ryan realized that the trades were not for him.  Although he loved working with his hands he loved the creative life way more.  He began educating himself in film and film production which led him to first become a Apple Certified Final Cut Pro user and then to BCIT where he  completed their film program focusing not only on film but also the marketing and business side behind it.  After graduating he started working with Katal Innovations Inc. the creators of The Landing Pad.  It was there he discovered his passion for marketing, PR, and New Media.  After working on the inflatable landing portion of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and traveling all across the northwest with Katal, Ryan decided to take a step back and start pursuing different endeavors.  Currently Ryan is doing freelance marketing and new media projects in many different sectors.


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